TTB Sold Out! O-Cup Youth Race Open.

We are very excited to see how popular the Trillium Trail Blazers Youth Races are this year, but very sorry to announce that the 2 events are completely SOLD OUT!

If you didn’t get in this year, there is still opportunity to ride.  Join us at the O-Cup races on Sunday, June 11 at Horseshoe Resort and on Sunday, June 18 at Hardwood Ski & Ride.  There is a race wave specifically for youth at 8:30am and the categories are as follows:

  • Cadet/U17 Boys: 15-16 yrs of age
  • Minime/U15 Boys:  13-14 yrs of age
  • Peewee/U13 Boys:  11-12 yrs of age
  • Squirt Boys:  9-10 yrs of age
  • Junior/U19 Girls: 17-18 yrs of age
  • Cadet/U17 Girls:  15-16 yrs of age
  • Minime/U15 Girls:  13-14 yrs of age
  • Peewee/U13 Girls:  11-12 yrs of age
  • Squirt Girls:  9-10 yrs of age

Don’t miss out!  Click the links below to register for the following:

Sunday, June 11, 2017 – O-Cup #3 at Horseshoe Resort 8:30am Youth Races

Sunday, June 18, 2017 – 2017 Trek Store O-Cup at Hardwood Ski & Bike 8:30am Youth Races

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