Soren Meeuwisse

How did you get started in mountain biking?

My dad worked at Hardwood Hills and got our whole family into mountain biking. As soon as the training wheels were off, we were onto the dirt paths!

What do you like most about mountain biking?

I like the way you can challenge yourself physically, mentally, tactically, and technically. Also, it’s a perfect way to explore and enjoy nature and new places outside of the city.

What was the first mountain bike you owned?

The first bike that I can remember was a yellow Specialized hotrock!

What kind of bike do you ride now?

Now, I have been riding Trek bikes for years! I ride a Trek Superfly SL.

What is your favourite place in Ontario to ride?

It is essentially my backyard, but I do love riding at Hardwood Ski & Bike, in the Copeland Forest, and around the county forests in Oro.

What was your first race?

My first was was Hardwood’s weekly Wednesday night series! I remember racing the course Sprockids for a long time, then progressing to harder trails.